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Covid update - February 18 restrictions

Since the start of the 4th wave of Coronavirus cases the HK government has finally started to ease restrictions by increasing the number of people allowed in a restaurant to 4 per table and extending the mandatory closing time from 6pm to 10pm. But what does this mean for bars?

Places that do not serve food, i.e. bars and pubs can still not open for now, live performances at restaurants are also still prohibited.

These rules will be reviewed on March 3, here's everything that is now open with the new relaxed restrictions:

- restaurants open until 10pm, 4 ppl per table and masks are mandatory

- outdoor sports facilities, indoor sports facilities (like gyms) and amusement venues are now open, limit 4 ppl per group and masks are mandatory

- cosmetics and beauty parlors are open but must be cleaned after every customer

- theme parks, some libraries and cinemas are now open, limited to 50% capacity, no food or drinks allowed and masks are mandatory

The "Leave Home Safe" app should be installed and used to track what places you visit by storing them on your device and notifying you if any of them have had a confirmed positive covid case.

The following restrictions are still in place:

- bars and pubs are not allowed to open

- swimming pools and beaches remain closed

- public gatherings are still limited to max. 2 people


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