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Hong Kong Pub Crawl is a brand managed by HKPC Concepts, an event and entertainment solutions house based in Hong Kong. HKPC Concepts specializes in creating epic, value-for-money events for nightlife enthusiasts from Hong Kong and around the world.

The Hong Kong Pub Crawl brand has two signature events, the Thursday LKF Pub Crawl and the Wednesday Horse Races Crawl. These events attract over 100 weekly party-goers, and has been voted #1 Nightlife Activity on TripAdvisor every year since inception.

Ops Manager - Events

(HKPC Concepts)


(HKPC Concepts)

Night Staff

(Hong Kong Pub Crawl) 



Do you have a relaxing day job and would like some extra income planning events? Do you have experience with simple web and graphic design? Do you have an interest in nightlife activities? Look no further: HKPC Concepts is hiring.


HKPC Concepts is the company behind famous events including the LKF Pub Crawl (#1 Nightlife Activity on TripAdvisor), and the Horse Races Crawl (event run in collaboration with HK Jockey Club). We are hiring an Operations Manager (Events) to facilitate the ongoing needs of our business.


You will primarily be responsible for:

  1. Event Creation & Execution: You’ll be expected to propose, create and execute on themed and special events to spice up the regular activities that we run. This means:

    • Conceptualization: proposing special & themed events to be run.

    • Pre-Marketing

      1. Designing posters, flyers, to market the event. 

      2. Speaking to & coordinating with different venue partners of the business (hostels, bars, etc) to facilitate high levels of participation.

      3. Posting on social media to create awareness

      4. Ensuring event(s) are shown on all of the Company’s distribution channels (see Digital Assets below).

    • Event Execution: working together with other Operations Managers of the business to ensure the event is run smoothly and that guests are having a great time. 


2. Maintaining Digital Assets: You’ll be required to ensure our events are accurately reflected on all of our distribution channels. Our signature events, Hong Kong Pub Crawl, in addition to our own website, is sold on all online travel agencies (OTAs) and you’ll be required to communicate and update these listings, responding to customer queries and complaints, as necessary.


We require approximately 2 full days of work each week, including working on at least 2 events (approx. 4 hours per event) a month. Working hours are flexible and may vary. The successful candidate will be allowed to work remotely after a short induction period, subject to a mutually agreed contact window. 



  1. Probation & Training: $4,500/month for 2 months.

  2. $5,000/month, with performance related bonuses and other subsidies.


Interest applicants should send a cover letter and their CV to




Deep dive into the event management business with our year-round internship program.  Interns spend at least 3 months at our headquarters and have exposure to all facets of our business. 

Some job duties include:

  1. New event idea generation

  2. Executing on business development initiatives

  3. Assisting in developing new social media campaigns and managing current campaigns

  4. Working with existing brand ambassadors and locating new marketing channels

  5. Monitor social channels and respond to reviews, feedback, or customer queries

  6. Assist in the conceptualisation and implementation of special events

  7. Assisting in the operations for our signature events (Wed & Thur) to ensure they run smoothly

  8. Market research ​​

Night staff



Want to get paid to have a great time, meet people from all around the world, and have a drink on the job? Our Night Staff role is your answer.

Do you tick the following boxes?

  1. You are a social, fun-loving person - not just any sociable person, but the type that organizes parties in their spare time, gets joy out of making sure everyone has a ton of fun, and makes sure no one is left alone.

  2. You're not afraid of public speaking

  3. You are a team player 

  4. You can commit to our crawl roster a month in advance (we don't like flaky people!)

Bonus traits:

  1. You are well versed with social media

  2. You speak multiple languages

  3. You have an interest in photography / own a decent camera



Are you interested in working with us, but unsure if you're able to commit the hours as an intern or a night staff? Do you have an interest in marketing and want to gain real-life experience in both digital and offline marketing? If so, the brand ambassador role might be for you.


As Hong Kong Pub Crawl's brand ambassador, your job scope includes:

  1. Working with the marketing team to promote Hong Kong Pub Crawl at every opportunity possible. There are no set guidelines for how you want to promote us, as long as it's effective and delivers results. Think Instagram, Facebook, word-of-mouth, posters... Whatever works for you, works for us.

  2. Encouraging sales for our crawls using your own personalised promo code

As our brand ambassador, you will receive an attractive commission for every purchase through your personalised promo code, as well as staff benefits. Staff benefits include free entry on crawls, option to work as night staff (with pay), access to the staff table at our final club, and more.


Apply now by sending us your CV and a short introduction about yourself addressing the relevant job responsibilities above to

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