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Missy Ho's

Kennedy Town

extended HH:

6 pm - 8 pm

"Missy Ho hails from Shanghai. She lived at a time when Shanghai was known as the party capital of the East; during the roaring 20’s. A time when wine, women and song was the name of the game. A time when everything different was embraced, and parties tended to be at speakeasy’s serving the best illegal alcohol, cool jazz and wild entertainers looking for a buck and f**k. This was Missy Ho’s life. She was always the star of the party scene. Today we celebrate Missy Ho’s in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. A hideaway that lets you be yourself. A bar quite like no other, with drinks, especially cocktails, that are both familiar and different. And a selection of food that will tease your tastebuds and excite you inner senses. 


Missy Ho’s celebrates this with a private yet friendly speakeasy resto-bar with the charm of old Shanghai along the bustling streets of Kennedy Town in Hong Kong. A speakeasy reminiscent of days’ past and of day’s to come."

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